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Product Launch The new 3590 fully programable full colour touch screen is launched.
Safecontractor Accreditation Weighing Solutions have gained Safecontractor accreditation.
Dual Track Weighbridge Launch The Dual Track weighbridge comes verified and ready for use.

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September 2015

  • Davidson Feeds Shotts. - Installation, commissioning and verification of new weighbridge. Read more.......

Photo 22-09-2015, 16 38 14

  • GCS Bridge of Allan - Full load cell upgrade on Silo Weight Monitor System.



  • Llanwrst Auction Mart - Replace existing Fat Cattle Scale with a new scale. Read more..........

August 2015

  • Salisbury Auction Mart - Upgrade on Fat Cattle Scale to tie into network etc. Read more...........
  • Stornoway Auction Mart - Display and Load Cell upgrade to livestock weighbridge. Read more...........

July 2015

  • Gaerwen Auction Mart - Anglesay - Installation of new sheep scale at Gaerwen Auction Mart. Read more.......

June 2015

  • Robertson Plant - Caithness - Installation, testing and verification of new weighbridge at Mey, Caithness. Read more...
  • Caithness Flagstone - Spittal - Installation of fully reconditioned weighbridge at Spittal Quarry, Caithness.

May 2015

  • UCP - Rutherglen - Order for silo weighing upgrade on flour silos.
  • Morgan Evans - Gaerwen Livestock Centre. Order for new Sheep Weighbridge.
  • Caithness Flagstone - Order for complete load cell upgrade on Surface Mounted Weighbridge.

April 2015

  • Highland Waste - Invergordon. - Installation of remote weigh terminal and printer on weighbridge.
  • Robertson Caithness - New weighbridge project for quarry operations. Read more.........

March 2015

  • Scrabster Harbour Trust - Installation of new weighbridge at Scrabster Harbour...........Read More

February 2015

  • United Closures and Plastics - Installation of Multi-Silo weighing indicator with 3590EGT - AF08 Software.
  • Quin Global - Installation of Multi - Tank weighing system with linked tank readings. 3590EGT - AF08 Software.

January 2015

  • Dingwall and Highland Marts - Conversion of mechanical sheep scale to full load cell system with 3590EGT Sheep Weighing Terminal.
    Load cells1

December 2014

  • Ignis Energy Wick - Full load cell upgrade to concrete deck weighbridge with QSA Load Cells
  • Dundee Cold Store - Weighbridge Instrumentation upgrade with 3590 EGTC full colour terminal. Customised to suit customer software.
    3590 EGT Colour

November 2014

  • Installation of New Fat Cattle Scale - Supply fit and commissioning of replacement Fat Cattle Scale for John Swan & Sons at Newton St Boswell. Weighing Solutions were commissioned to remove the old scale, form the new foundation and install and commission the new weighbridge between sale dates.
  • Southern Counties Auctioneers - Salisbury Auction Mart - Upgrade to all scales. Read more......

October 2014

  • G.M.R. Henderson Caithness - Full instrumentation and printout upgrade to weighbridge. 3590EXT and TM295 Printer.
  • John Gunn & Sons - Skitten Quarry - Full instrumentation upgrade on weighbridge. 3590EGT and TM295 Printer
    3590EGT Edited
  • Product Launch - 3590 EGTC Full colour touch screen weighing terminal.
    3590 EGT Colour

September 2014

  • Collier Quarrying and Waste - Full load cell and display upgrade to WSDA-3590-EXP.
  • Orkney Auction Mart - Upgrade Cattle Weighbridge to full Network capabilities.

August 2014

  • Perthshire Timber - Installation of new 18 metre Weighbridge with WSDA-3590-EGT with high intensity remote display. Read more....
  • Caledonian Waste - Full load cell upgrade on existing weighbridge.
  • Leyburn Auction Mart - Delivery and installation of new Dual Livestock Weighbridge.

July 1014

  • Speybay Salvage - Upgrade of weighbridge to WSDA 3590 EGT Data Collection system.
  • Wm Tracey - Full load cell upgrade and new WSDA-3590EXP Weighbridge terminal.

June 2014

  • Leiths Scotland - Various Sites - Upgrades to weighbridges
  • Holsworthy Auction Mart - Final installation, calibration and commissioning of Fat Cattle and Sheep Weighbridges at Mart.

May 2014

  • BB Storage - Inverness - Upgrade weighbridge to 3590 data collection terminal.
  • Clitheroe Auction Mart - Delivery of new Dual Livestock Scale.
  • Glenseal - Delivery and installation of ATEX Approved Batch Dosing ScaleOrkney Auction Mart - Delivery, installation and commissioning of new Dual Fat and Store Cattle Weighbridge

April 2014

  • Holsworthy Auction Mart - Delivery of new Fat Cattle and Sheep Scales.
  • Highland Waste - Invergordon - Installation of weighbridge at Waste Tranfer Plant.
  • Newark Auction Mart - Installation of new Network based system on Cattle Scales.

March 2014

  • McCartney - Worcester Auction Mart - Full load cell upgrade to Mechanical Store Cattle Scale.

February 2014

  • Davidson Animal Feeds - Removal of old weighbridge in Mill 1 and installation of new weighbridge with data transfer system with DFWLI indicator.
  • Kivells - New Holsworthy Auction Mart - Order won for for new Cattle and Sheep Weighbridges for the new mart.
  • McCartneys - Worcester Auction Mart - Full load cell conversion and 562 instrumentation on Store Cattle Weighbridge at Worcester Mart.

January 2014

  • Peter D. Stirling - Mossend Railhead - Weighbridge upgrade to full data collection and collation system.
  • Brockholes Arms Auction Mart Ltd. - Upgrade on Sheep Scale to full 3590 EGT touch screen system with remote display.

December 2013

  • NWA - Lancaster Auction Mart - Upgrade to Sheep Scale Weight Indicator and Remote Display.
  • NWA - Lancaster Auction Mart - Delivery and Installation of new Fat Cattle Scale.
  • Installation of New Weighbridge at Davidson Bros, Shotts.

November 2013

  • Full upgrade to load cells on the Weighbridge at Wm. Clark, Cotside Quarry Barry.
  • Highland Waste - Invergordon - New Weighbridge installation.
  • NPL Estates - Whitehaven - Full load cell and Weighing Terminal and Data Collection Systems on Weighbridge.

October 2013

  • Installation of New Pig Scale at York Livestock Centre York.
  • Delivery of 7 Dormant Platform Scales to Nathan Wastesavers Denny.
  • Installation of New Store Cattle Scale at Craig Wilson - Ayr Auction Mart Ayr.

September 2013

  • Installation of Sheep and Cattle Scales to the New Raglan Mart.
  • Upgrade to Weighing Terminal and Data Collection on Weighbridge at P. D. Stirling Mossend Railhead.

August 2013

  • Lawrie and Symington - Lanark Mart. Replace Store/Fat Cattle Scale 
  • Full load cell conversion on Cattle Scale at N.E.L.S. Acklington Mart

July 2013

  • Upgrade on Sheep Scale at NWA Lancaster.
  • Upgrade to Weighbridge at Leiths Scotland Ltd - Parkmore Quarry

June 2013

  • Upgrade on Sugar Hopper Scale at Portable Foods Livingstone.
  • Upgrade to Pig Scale at Thirsk Mart.
  • Installation of new Sheep Scale at Mold Mart.
  • Upgrade to Weighbridge at George McNaughton Contractors Lochgilphead.

May 2013

  • Conversion of Sheep Scale at Lawrie and Symington Forfar
  • Installation of New Cattle Scale at Dingwall and Highland Marts Dingwall Upgrade to Store Cattle display and Data Collection Systems

April 2013

  • York Prime Cattle Upgrade. Converted the Prime Cattle Scale to new control systems......
  • Upgrade Sheep Scale at Lawrie & Symington Forfar Auction Mart to full load cell system...Read more.

March 2013

  • Hopes of Wigton - Full completion and commission of all control instrumentation of livestock weighers.
  • York Livestock Mart - Upgrade to load cells and instrumentation on Sheep Scale.

February 2013

  • Hugh Simpson Wick - Full upgrade to weighbridge load cells and instrumentation including self weighing facility.
  • BB Storage - Full upgrade to weighbridge.

January 2013

  • Thomson Construction Arran - Full upgrade to batching plant with automatic batching control system.
  • Glenseal Adhesives - Installation of Weighing and Batching systems at their new plant in Perth.
  • Acklington Auction Mart - Upgrade to store cattle scale.

December 2012

  • Craig Wilson Ayr - Full upgrade to store cattle scale and sheep scale
  • Hopes of Wigton - Installation and commissioning of all new livestock weighers in the new mart.

November 2012

  • Northallerton Auction Mart - Installation and commissioning of new sheep scale.
  • UCP Bridge of Allan - Complete upgrade of silo weighing systems.
  • Acklinton Auction Mart - Upgrade to sheep scale.

October 2012

  • Peel Auction Mart Isle of Man - Installation and commissioning of new sheep scale.
  • Fort William Auction Market - Full upgrade to store cattle scale.

September 2012

  • Kendal Auction Mart - Installation and commissioning of all livestock Scales at the new Kendal Auction Mart.
  • John Swan Newton Saint Boswell - Full load cell upgrade to store cattle weighbridge.

August 2012

  • Skipton Auction Mart - Full upgrade on sheep instrumentation.

July 2012

  • Dingwall Mart - Upgrade to Store Cattle Weighbridge.
  • Mold Mart - Conversion to full load cell of Back - Up Fat Cattle Weighbridge

June 2012

  • Bridgenorth - Upgrade to Prime and Store Cattle Livestock Weighers.
  • Installation of weighbridge for New Forth Bridge Crossing.
  • Full upgrade work on Store Cattle and Sheep Weighbridges - Orkney Mart.
  • Craig Wilson - Ayr Mart. Installation of new Prime Cattle Weighbridge with full networking capabilities.

May 2012:

  • Supply and installation of new Store Cattle Scale and System at Caledonian Mart, Stirling.

April 2012:

  • Completion of major upgrade to Sheep and Fat Cattle Scales at Thirsk Mart.
  • Conversion from mechanical to full load cell system on Store Cattle Scale at Forfar Mart.
  • Supply and installation of new Fat Cattle Scale and System at Caledonian Mart, Stirling

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